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I am the Owner and Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

Ty Lacroix Owner, Broker of Record

That’s all I can say about me! You see, this is about you, not me; you do not want to hear blah blah stuff about awards, designations or that we walk older people across the street, the reincarnation of Mother Teresa, walk on water or anything else to impress you.

We let the numbers speak for themselves; you see, success leaves clues

We operate as a team for many reasons. Still, the main reason is I have seen outstanding Realtors being frustrated or disenchanted or a feeling of aloneness or leaving the business because they were not living a lifestyle they envisioned when they got in the business.

I have found that working closely with a small team of professionals embodies strength, growth, unity and a financially stable lifestyle.


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