Why A Slow Down in Real Estate Is Good For Most Realtors

December 6, 2022

Realtors need work in progress o continue their career

We’ve all heard the saying for every cloud; there is a silver lining; well, in real estate, this slowdown should motivate a lot of Realtors to change.

Over the last 5-6 years, especially those who got their license in those six years, you rocked! There was easy credit, cheap money, an overabundance of buyers who would do almost anything to buy a home and any Realtor who had a listing had 5,10,20,30 buyers wanting to buy and those that did buy paid way over the asking price. Your sellers thought you were a king or Queen, a rock star.

Unless you are Rip Van Winkel or still a rock star, the wind has changed; instead of at your back, it’s storming at you face-on!

Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth!Mike Tyson

For the veterans in real estate who do well, we all have seen this market and others; we developed emotional intelligence, we know how to say no, we are not afraid to work, and we are willing to learn and not rest on past success or failures(we’ve had a few!).

Real estate fundamentals have become more critical now than before, and here are five musts for all Realtors:

  1. Be in the game daily, contacting your client base and prospecting 3-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.
  2. Spend 45-60 minutes a day learning content creation, videos etc
  3. Know the market inside and out and know how to calculate value correctly
  4. Provide value to all whom you come into contact with
  5. Invest in yourself with coaching, mentoring, clean nutrition and physical training daily

If these five sound or feel over the top, know that if I ask the 20% of the top Realtors in any city or country, they do most of those, and if I ask the top 5%, they do all and then more!

Oh, and by the way, those top 20%  of Realtors prosper in this or any market!